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Retained Façades and Refurbishments

We begin our design with an initial concept, based on the best of our experience, with the input from our most senior and experienced members of the company, working closely with the Architect and Client to understand the options.

With existing buildings, the key is to quickly gain an understanding of the structural fabric and geotechnical parameters. We do this by first carrying out a comprehensive desk top study, researching all available information on the existing building along with carrying out a number of site visits to view the building. This along with our understanding of the initial proposals helps us scope a focused investigation plan, identifying key areas of local opening up and any necessary testing to fully understand the existing structure and constraints.

The full refurbishment and reconfiguration, along with setting parameters for massing options, of the existing structure are developed capturing this information which we iteratively and innovatively ‘value engineer’ through thinking laterally and by getting the input from other people in the company, from the supply chain, and from the rest of the design team.

Another key factor is buildability, taking on board all the information we have learned on the existing structure and constraints, we would always develop indicative construction sequences at an early stage. This is especially important in existing buildings, to show any limiting access requirements and to work with the existing fabric in an efficient manner.

Davies Maguire have been involved in working with contractors directly for many years.  Our pioneering work with these trades allows us to provide practical solutions to complex construction challenges at all stages of a project. Working directly with trade contractors means we can continuously evaluate new methods of construction, gleaning advances in systems and methodology that they can we build into new projects often with significant time and cost benefit.