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Quality Policy

Davies Maguire is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy providing expertise in infrastructure and the built environment.

It is the policy of Davies Maguire that our services are performed in a manner that satisfies client’s and relevant interested parties needs and expectations, compliance obligations with regard to quality, health and safety, environment, reliability and performance criteria. Our policy is to achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing services which consistently satisfy our clients.

This policy has been formalised and is an integral part of the Company’s Quality Management System (QMS) which complies with ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System Requirements.

The scope of the QMS is:

– Project Management

– Multi-disciplinary design

– Principal Design services

– Construction supervision

The QMS has the active commitment of the Directors, who identify business improvements, ensure the QMS is continually improved, set measurable objectives and targets and ensure applicable requirements are satisfied.

The QMS is communicated and understood by all employees through formal training and on-the-job support to:

– Achieve our quality standards, with the aim to continually review and improve methods of working

– Acquire new skills and knowledge, and to share that experience with others. Everyone is responsible for the quality of their own work and that of anyone reporting to them and must observe and comply with the QMS

– Acquire new clients whilst retaining existing clients by delivering flexible, tailor-made solutions to meet client’s objectives and needs.

Davies Maguire will communicate this policy to all employees and make it available to the public.


Gareth Davies


Date: 08/01/24