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Sheldon Square

Sheldon Square’s award-winning amphitheatre was the first and largest use of EFC® in an architectural finish within the Northern Hemisphere.

The amphitheatre, nestled within the vibrant landscape of Sheldon Square, stands as a testament to innovation, sustainability, and collaborative excellence in urban architecture. Proudly demonstrates the use of EFC® in a large-scale architectural urban feature and a commitment to reducing embodied carbon, with the cornerstone of the project’s success lying in the stakeholder collaboration, early design stage engagement and pre-construction concrete trials.  

By involving all relevant parties from the outset, we were able to identify and agree sustainability goals, explore innovative solutions, and optimise design strategies to maximise carbon reduction. This proactive approach not only facilitated informed decision-making but also ensured that sustainability considerations were seamlessly integrated into the project’s DNA.  

The accumulative saving of designing leaner and smarter through the design process resulted in 85% reduction in embodied carbon associated with the concrete from the initial precast design concept to delivered in situ construction in EFC ®. 

Through the pioneering use of EFC ®, coupled with a steadfast commitment to collaboration and design stage focused carbon reduction, we have pushed the possibilities of low carbon concrete construction while setting a new standard for sustainable urban development. 

Davies Maguire won the Responsible Business category at British Land’s Supplier Excellence Awards 22. Against strong competition we demonstrated our environmental and innovation credentials and willingness to challenge construction norms. 

“We are delighted with the environmental performance of EFC ® but just as importantly the product has helped to transform Sheldon square to unanimous approval from all the users of the amphitheatre” – Rob Stickland, Estate Director, British Land 

British Land
Gillespies / Feix & Merlin
Main Contractor
Specialist Concrete Contractor
Byrne Bros
Paddington Central, London
Project Engineer
Nina Heavyside