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Lego HUB

This project involved the fit out of four floors of a newly refurbished concrete frame to create a new London office hub for toymaker Lego.

Davies Maguire were involved in the design of three new stairs linking the office floors. Investigation revealed unusual variation in the construction of the different office floors which drove the development of a framing solution which could be applied to all variations without modification.  By focusing on a common solution at the design stage, Davies Maguire were able to deliver a highly buildable design requiring little on-site modification.

The design of the link stairs was symbolic of the Lego brand, appearing like giant stacks of Lego bricks to add a sense of play and fun to the workspace. These served secondary functions including seating for presentations and meetings.  The stair structures were incorporated into the structural frame seamlessly permitting the architect to create their vision without compromise.

Fokkema & Partners
Project Managers
Cushman and Wakefield
New Fetter Place, City of London
Project Engineer
Gareth Davies