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1 Aldermanbury Square

We worked on the structural aspects of the refurbishment of the existing building at One Aldermanbury Square in the City of London.

This project involved the re-cladding of the existing frame and a rooftop extension to breathe new life into the office building at One Aldermanbury Square replacing a tired and inefficient former bank Headquarters with an expanded efficient office optimised for the contemporary market.

Davies Maguire worked closely with the architect to design a single storey 15m x 40m addition to the roof of the existing frame free of internal columns. The extension columns were aligned with the existing steel frame below, which was strengthened locally to avoid disrupting the floor plate beneath with additional structure.  The floor plate on all floors was made more efficient by combining the service risers with the lift core which required reconfiguration of the stability bracing around the lifts and the addition of vierendeel frames at each floor which provided a structural bypass for lateral load to reach the stability structure around the riser bank.  Increased building efficiency resulted in a BREEAM Excellent sustainability rating.

Successful on the market, the building is currently Hewlett Packard’s flagship London office.

Project Engineer
Charles Hollingsworth