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Millfield Cottage

A new eco-friendly residence is to be built in the countryside outside Rowhook, Horsham. The new two storey house and single storey carport of are of timber framed construction, with steel beams used to create cantilevered balconies, and masonry walls to provide stability. The ground floor and foundations are reinforced concrete.

The building has a flat roof with a sedum finish and is constructed out of timber, as is the first floor. Loadbearing stud walls and circular columns support beams, transferring loads to the ground floor. The ground floor is a suspended concrete deck, beneath which is a heave mat. The foundations are mass concrete groundbearing strips, with concrete elements as required. The site is surrounded by woodland on all sides, so the effect of the tree roots on the foundations has had to be taken into account.

Stability is provided by the diaphragm action of the stud walls and the main masonry chimney breast, which extends the full height of the building. The stud walls will have plywood on both faces to ensure a shear diaphragm is provided for racking resistance.

Private Client
Nick Wilson Architects
Horsham, West Sussex
Project Engineer
Hugo Pillath